Es profesora de. 2020 - Découvrez le tableau "Eliza dushku" de Tetedeboche sur Pinterest. May 30, 2016 - Sarah Michelle Gellar (-Prinze) is geboren in 1977. Faith nació el 14 de diciembre de 1980 en Boston, Massachusetts, de una madre alcohólica. Cuando Buffy sospecha de que el chico con el que baila Faith en el Bronze es un vampiro, va en su ayuda y se encuentra a Faith dándole una paliza. Note #1: The criteria required to be listed are as follows: (1) Being born to one Jewish parent (biological birth only, adoption will not count); (2) Formally converting to Judaism (all denominations are acceptable). Set during the BtVS Season 3 episodes, Faith, Hope & Trick and Revelations. Faith Lehane es un personaje de ficción de la serie Buffy la cazavampiros, interpretado por Eliza Dushku y, en un capítulo, por Sarah Michelle Gellar. Buffy golpea a Faith pero esta no responde a su ataque. Buffy returns from the big city to find her friends have been battling the forces of evil without her. Sie wurde durch ihre Rolle der Faith in den Fernsehserien Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen und Angel – Jäger der Finsternis bekannt. [68], In January 2019, CBS made a $9.5 million settlement with Dushku after she was fired from a recurring role on Bull, after informing producers of series lead Michael Weatherly's inappropriate behavior on the set. With Kendra's death, Faith Lehane was activated as a new Slayer, the last of the original line. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. She and her brother Nate produced a film about a joint visit to Albania, Dear Albania. ... Eliza Dushku (Faith) ou bien encore Marc Blucas (Riley). [18], In 2000, Dushku starred in the hit cheerleader comedy Bring It On. Dushku is CEO of her production company, Boston Diva Productions, and her brother Nate is a partner. [48], Dushku lived for more than 15 years in Los Angeles, though spending substantial time back in Watertown and Boston in the period before her stepfather died. [51] As of 2016, she was a student at Suffolk University, studying sociology. 19 sept. 2014 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Mark Griffin. Faith mata al vampiro con la estaca de Buffy. Cuando Faith es atacada por un demonio, Gigi cree descubrir en ella una igual, y se hacen amigas. 2.2K likes. Faith was a young woman with dark brown hair and eyes, standing at 5'5 tall. This was the second Fox pilot in which she was cast, but not broadcast.[20]. Dushku turned down a role in a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer about Faith. She had roles as Piper Reeves in the short film Fishing with George (1994) and as Cat in the television film Journey (1995),[16] as Paul Reiser's daughter in the romantic comedy film Bye Bye Love (1995), as Cindy Johnson in the comedy drama film Race the Sun (1996). He's watched me and helped me and taught me over the years. See more ideas about sarah michelle gellar, michelle, sarah michelle gellar buffy. It wasn't until January 2005 -- shortly after Buffy went off the air and Angel was months away from being cancelled -- that Joss Whedon announced Faith's last name was officially Lehane. [38], In 2013, she was cast as Patricia Holm in a pilot film for a proposed TV revival series of The Saint, but the series was not commissioned. [54][55] It was announced on June 24, 2014, that the pair had split. "Super Megafest 2013: Eliza Dushku Panel", "Levin takes reins at Beaver Country Day", "ECCC: Eliza Dushku Talks 'Buffy,' 'Dollhouse' and Going Back to College", "E.D.t.v. Felicia Day : L'actrice de "Buffy contre les vampires" bientôt maman à 37 ans. Se le menciona en ", Kenny — También conocido como Killian o K, era el, Director Robin Woods - Tras ser Buffy expulsada del grupo, ellos se acuestan, pero como siempre que se relaciona con un hombre, Faith no le da importancia. [71], On March 7, 2017, Dushku attended a Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness, where she revealed that she was a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, having begun drinking and abusing drugs at the age of 14. Compra online. Roden aparece y Faith le pide que la cure, pero el quiere convertirla en su nueva cazadora, ya que considera que es mejor que Gigi y que juntos podrían hacer que Buffy desapareciera para siempre. En su inconsciencia, Faith, Ángelus y Ángel comparten un viaje por la vida de Ángel anterior a su llegada a Sunnydale. Cuando tenía cuatro años, su padre fue encarcelado por asesinato y Faith creció creyendo que había muerto. In 2003, Dushku starred in the horror film Wrong Turn[5] and The Kiss, an independent comedy-drama. Después de atacar a la madre de Buffy, se enfrenta a ésta y gracias a un artilugio mágico que le ha dejado el alcalde, intercambia su cuerpo con ella. Faith empieza a sentirse un poco aislada de la scooby gang, cuestión esta que recalca su nueva vigilante Gwendolyn Post. Pour Buffy Sainte-Marie, la mise sur le marché, en 2009, du très bon Running For The Drum, met un terme à une pause discographique, en terme d’albums studio s’entend, qui a quand même duré plus de 17 ans, sa dernière référence étant Coincidence And Likely Stories, sorti en 1992. This story follows 'One', but can be read as a standalone. Faith and Buffy had a major conflict, as Faith felt that one mistake should not cancel out the good that they have done, while Buffy believed in a more black and white view of morality. Faith ejerce sus funciones de cazadora en Cleveland (Ohio), donde existe otra boca del infierno, ya rota su relación con Robin Wood. [citation needed], As a role model to campus leaders for her activism, Dushku was invited by the Millennium Campus Network (MCN) as a national keynote speaker and honored as a Global Generation Award winner alongside U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at MCN events in 2011. She also visited Kosovo, and got an Albanian Eagle tattoo on the back of her neck. Pairings: Buffy/Faith and Willow/Kennedy with grumpy, greedy, sneaky, wantsome, jealous peeks at Buffy/Willow and Faith/Willow. Mientras que Buffy era una niña popular de Los Ángeles, Faith procede de los barrios bajos y se ha hecho a sí misma. La única forma para curar al vampiro es que este beba la sangre de una cazadora y Buffy intenta matar a Faith. [29] Es además una persona bastante promiscua, que huye de los compromisos y se reconoce como un imán para los perdedores, e increíblemente cínica. Oct 22, 2017 - Sarah Michelle Gellar has had an extraordinary career in Hollywood, skyrocketing to fame by taking on the titular role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. El personaje de Faith se creó como una antítesis de Buffy. En Los Ángeles Faith es contratada por Wolfrand & Hart para matar a Ángel. [65][66] Additionally, she was given honorary citizen status in her father's home town of Korçë. La actitud violenta de Faith le impresionó tanto que abandonó la ciudad con su novio Ed. 2 nov. 2013 - Cette épingle a été découverte par It's Worth a Shot Photography. [73] In December 2014, she said she was no longer a vegetarian.[74]. Language: English Words: 1,204 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 6 Kudos: 14 Bookmarks: 1 Faith, Buffy y algunas potenciales se enfrentan a Caleb, muriendo algunas chicas y otras resultando gravemente heridas. Buffy la localiza en el puerto y mientras discuten, unos vampiros enviados por el alcalde las atacan y Faith les mata a todos rescatando a Buffy. [42][43][44][45], In 2017, her production company, in association with IM Global Television, was reported to be developing Glen Cook's The Black Company series of books for a television series, with Dushku potentially starring as The Lady. She quit in February 2006 along with other members of the cast amid rumors of abuse by the producer, which were later dismissed. Pero Alexandra había hecho un trato con el demonio D'Hoffryn, que la convirtió en el demonio Malicia, dispuesto a cumplir los deseos de su madre de vengarse de Kakistos. She wrote that soon after, an adult friend of Dushku confronted Kramer on set, and that the same day, Dushku was injured during a stunt and several of her ribs were broken, while Kramer was responsible for her safety. [9][10] Her parents were divorced before she was born. Tommy - Era un amigo de Faith con el que pretendía tener una relación. [70] After Dushku spoke with producers, Weatherly texted CBS Television Studios' president David Stapf saying he wanted to talk about Dushku's sense of humor, though Stapf pushed back saying "Ms. Dushku made the show better. Giles y Buffy quieren ayudar a Faith, y Xander se ofrece a hablar con ella. She said: I've been getting fan mail from maximum security penitentiaries and death row. Ver opiniones y detalles sobre la gran selección de Blu-ray y DVD, nuevos o de 2ª mano. And they send me pictures – "Oh, here's a picture of me before I was incarcerated!" Siempre se muestra fuerte y decidida, aunque en realidad su aparente fortaleza esconde a una persona muy sola que sufre constantemente, y que añora algún tipo de familia. Dushku was born in Boston, Massachusetts,[2] the only daughter and youngest of the four children of school teacher and administrator Philip Richard George Dushku and Judy (Judith Ann) Dushku (née Rasmussen),[2][6] a political science professor. I didn't want to be sexually harassed. – and there's some guy sat on the sofa with a bottle of beer and a moustache, and a big gut. 19 févr. - Compra Buffy - Best of Faith a un gran precio, con posibilidad de envío gratis. [39], From 2013 to 2015, Dushku voiced the role of She-Hulk in the Disney XD animated series Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.. The producers cited their confidence in the strength of Whedon's fan base and high DVR numbers as their reasons for keeping the show. [3] She also had lead roles in the Fox supernatural drama series Tru Calling (2003–2005) and the Fox science fiction series Dollhouse (2009–2010), for which she was a producer.[4]. De hecho, en la séptima temporada, Faith le cuenta a Spike que había un tipo que le pagaba para que se vistiese de colegiala y le pegase, lo que nos da una imagen bastante detallada de cómo era la vida de Faith. Esta página se editó por última vez el 15 oct 2020 a las 02:15. On August 26, 2007, Dushku signed a development deal with Fox Broadcasting Company and 20th Century Fox. Aunque en un principio falla al disparar una flecha al vampiro, golpea a Cordelia Chase y secuestra a Wesley, torturándolo para atraer a Ángel. Appelez-là Madame Palandjian... Eliza Dushku est sur le point de se marier ! [37] In June 2012, Dushku starred with Katie Cassidy, Gina Gershon and Michelle Trachtenberg in The Scribbler, directed by John Suits and produced by Gabriel Cowan. Faith fue activada como cazadora en 1998 tras ser asesinada Kendra por Drusilla. Discover more posts about buffy-x-faith. Prior to her reformation, Faith's look typically involved namely leather jeans and jackets and tight tops, often in dark clothes as to clash with Buffy's more \"good girl\" appearance. Giles, quien ahora dirige el Consejo de Vigilantes, contacta con Faith con el encargo de asesinar a una cazadora británica conocida como Lady Genevieve, manipulada por el brujo Roden y que asesina a cazadoras a sangre fría. [52] In 2019, Boston Magazine reported that she was studying holistic psychology at Lesley University. [14], Dushku came to the attention of casting agents when she was 10 years old. [3] The film was directed by Randall Miller, who helmed Nobel Son.[3][28]. Ronnie — Era el hombre para el que Faith se vestía de colegiada y a quien golpeaba con una, Steve — Faith rompió con Steve cuando descubrió que los regalos que le hacía eran robados. Luchan en el nuevo apartamento de Faith y finalmente, Buffy le clava el cuchillo, regalo del alcalde, en el estómago. Buffy la acusa de poner en peligro a las chicas y Faith le recrimina que fue ella quien las condujo a la muerte. She returned for shorter story arcs on Buffy and its spin-off, Angel. [52], Dushku began dating former Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Rick Fox in October 2009, and in August 2010 the couple confirmed that they were living together. El consejo la asigna a una familia de acogida donde Faith tiene su primer contacto con un vampiro, Robert, el hijo de sus padres de acogida, que vive en el ático alimentándose de niños huérfanos que llegan a su hogar. She was the voice talent for the role of Rubi Malone, the main character in the game WET. Después de ser expulsada del colegio por pelearse, Faith vivió sola durante algún tiempo después de que su madre fuera arrestada. Played by actress Eliza Dushku, Faith was introduced in the third season of Buffy and was a focus of that season's overarching plot. She appeared at Spike TV's 2008 Video Game Awards in December 2008. "[27] She appeared in Bottle Shock, a drama about Napa valley wine. In 2011, Dushku featured alongside Jayson Floyd in "One Shot", a short action clip on YouTube directed by and starring Freddie Wong, released on May 13, 2011. [46], Dushku was raised a Mormon, and still has a Mormon-themed tattoo[47] but later described herself as having taken a different path from the LDS Church, but as grateful for having grown up in it. Buffy raises her right and Faith, a split second later, raises her left, two million armies behind them of previous dead-eyed destiny-girls drafted to follow suit. Cuando Buffy quiere aclarar con Giles lo sucedido, ella se adelanta y acusa a Buffy del accidente. Feb 19, 2018 - Sarah Michelle Gellar (-Prinze) is geboren in 1977. Original BUFF®. Eliminado el demonio, la amenaza de los vampiros se cierne sobre Hanseltadt, por lo que Faith los arenga para que sean valientes y luchen por el pueblo. Sin vigilante, Faith deja Boston, no antes de vengarse de Gable por la muerte de su madre. Faith Lehane es una cazavampiros activada en 1998 tras la muerte de Kendra. Sie wurde durch ihre Rolle der Faith in den Fernsehserien Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen und Angel – Jäger der Finsternis bekannt. Born in Tampa, Florida, Paulson was raised there and later in New York City following her parents' divorce. She starred in Open Graves, a 2008 horror-thriller about a satanic game co-starring Mike Vogel. Her hair was either in loose ringlets or flat. Cuando era pequeña quería tener un perro para que alguien pudiese quererla, y tenía una amiga imaginaria llamado Alex. [57] In 2019, Dushku gave birth to the couple's son. She played the main character in The Thacker Case and The Alphabet Killer, both thrillers based on real-life events, one of them directed by Rob Schmidt, with whom she had worked on Wrong Turn. Buffy kept Kendra's favorite stake with her and mentioned using it in her slays. Accesorios de cuello y cabeza diseñados en Barcelona. She appeared in the Simple Plan music video "I'm Just a Kid" as the band's love interest, as well as Nickelback's video for "Rockstar". Bajo su alianza secreta con el alcalde Wilkins, Faith mata al demonio que custodia los libros de la ascensión, secuestra a Willow y asesina a un profesor de geología. Faith protagoniza el comic "No future for you" que se sitúa en la teórica 8ª temporada de Buffy, un año y medio después de la destrucción de la boca del infierno. Por un conjuro de Willow, Buffy aparece ante Gigi y se enfrenta, pero Faith se interpone para que Buffy no la mate y acaban peleando. Es muy inestable pero también muy divertida, lo que hace ganarse a la gente con increíble facilidad. [60], Over several years, Dushku raised funds for Camp Hale, which had been attended by her father and brothers, including some specific campaigning to sustain a new concept of a girls' session at the camp, which was launched in 2012, and which she joined in person.[61]. A partir de ahí, en cierta forma, la confianza de Buffy y Faith empieza a resquebrajarse. she was shown to have better h2h and she fights smarter than Faith. [62][63] While on her second visit to Albania in 2011, she applied for Albanian citizenship and obtained the Albanian passport and ID Card. Judy (Judith Ann) Dushku (mother) Eliza Patricia Dushku ( / ˈdʊʃkuː /; born December 30, 1980) is an American actress and producer. We'd had a cool relationship in the past and I so wanted to do something else, and I wanted to get back into a television show. Jun 3, 2020 - Explore ncl1701's board "Eliza Dushku", followed by 434 people on Pinterest. "[31] Dollhouse was renewed for a second season. Su instinto como cazadora, sin embargo, la obliga a aplazar sus planes para rescatar a un grupo de feligreses secuestrados por vampiros. Tanto Wesley como Faith han cambiado a lo largo de estos años y él le exige ahora que saque a la Faith que le torturó para que pueda acabar con Ángelus. Eventually she enlisted the help of Ondi Timoner[3] and Mapplethorpe was brought to the screen. (March 29, 2014). Because we all need a little Fuffy in our lives. “I eat bloody meat now.” Nina[src] Nina Ash was a Lycanthropus exterus werewolf and Angel's ex-girlfriend. She also voiced Megan McQueen in Champion Mode of the 2011 video game Fight Night Champion. Gentlemen welcome. Al igual que Buffy, Faith es mordida por Ángel, con la diferencia de que una es mordida por Ángel, de frente y en el lado derecho del cuello, y la otra por Angelus, de espaldas y en el lado izquierdo. [7] Dushku's father was Boston-born, of Albanian heritage, with his parents coming from the city of Korçë[8] and her mother, from Idaho, is of Danish, English and Irish, and remote German, descent. The character's story is continued in the comic book series Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, and she … When she began her work on that series, Dushku was still a minor, and had to receive emancipation to work the production's long hours. Su … In July 2017 the pilot was released on digital HD/VOD. 13 Most Surprising Actresses Who Went Nude. Сharmed stays the classic show of 90s and early 00s, and that is why Charmed reboot is on everybody`s lips. The story of the growing relationship between Buffy and Faith and Buffy's mixed feelings toward her and the things Faith did, ending in a night of passion. Buffy también acude allí y vuelven a pelear y a intercambiar sus cuerpos, tras lo cual, Faith huye de Sunnydale. [11], Dushku's mother was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and she and her three brothers[12] were raised as Mormons. A cambio Giles le proporcionará a Faith vivir en el país que ella elija, olvidando sus funciones como cazadora. En el episodio "Chicas malas", Faith mata accidentalmente al ayudante del alcalde, Allan Finch. Pero el nuevo vigilante de las cazadoras, Wesley, la rescata de la mansión para entregársela al Consejo de Vigilantes y someterla a juicio. [56], In June 2017, she became engaged to businessman Peter Palandjian and they wed on August 18, 2018. Esta, con el apoyo del espíritu de Artemia, consigue huir, acabando antes con algunos de sus acólitos e hiriendo a Kakistos. Dushku responded that Weatherly broke the terms of their settlement by speaking to the press and characterized his apology as "more deflection, denial, and spin. La nueva cazadora se muestra como una chica divertida y enérgica, a la que la caza le da hambre y disfruta con su trabajo. As she struggles to regain her mother's and her friends' trust, a new Slayer named Faith arrives in town, quickly winning over all of Buffy's friends. Cuando las potenciales pierden la confianza en Buffy deciden que sea Faith quien las guíe, y aunque ella no quiere hacerlo, Buffy la convence de que tome su lugar, pero ella las conduce involuntariamente a una trampa y es herida de gravedad. (de) Eliza Patricia Dushku (Watertown, Massachusetts, 30 de diciembre de 1980) es una actriz estadounidense conocida por su papel de Faith Lehane en la serie televisiva Buffy … After completing high school, Dushku returned to acting with the role of Faith Lehane in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a Slayer much more troubled than the main character, Buffy Summers. Summary: Spike, Faith and Buffy are being watched. [23] It was released in North America on October 14, 2008, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. El 12 de mayo de 1998, poco después de la muerte de Kendra, Faith se convierte en cazadora. [26] The film earned mixed reviews, but reviewers praised Dushku's performance, commenting "Eliza Dushku commands the screen but cannot reconcile the script's conflicted and increasingly idiotic agendas. Diana Dormer — Es la primera vigilante de Faith y la primera persona que le ofrece un hogar estable. Author’s Note (the Second): On a very literal level, my story is a … Allí, se encuentran con Duncan Fillworthe, uno de los últimos miembros del Consejo. She said that at the current time, she was eight-and-a-half years sober. Su personaje aparece tanto en la serie Buffy como en Ángel y su vida anterior a su llegada a Sunnydale se desarrolla en la novela "Go ask malice" y la posterior a la destrucción de Sunnydale en los cómics "No future for you" y "Safe". Starting that same year, she starred in a new Fox supernatural drama, Tru Calling, where she played the main character, medical student Tru Davies. I had him on the brain for sure but I hadn't called him yet, but I sort of took a leap of faith and set things up with Fox and then called Joss. After having a grant pulled out from under her, Tru is forced to take a job at a local morgue, where she discovers her power to "re-live" the previous day over again if one of the deceased asks for her help to change what has happened. :: the eliza dushku news channel", "On Broadway At the Independent Film Festival of Boston", "Saints Row 2 Singleplayer/Co-Op Preview", "Eliza Dushku Joins The Force For 'Alphabet Killer, "Eliza Dushku topless in The Alphabet Killer", "Eliza Dushku and Bill Pullman Join 'Bottle Shock, "Wet Hands-On – PlayStation 3 Previews at GameSpot", "The Big Bang Theory Geeks Out for Eliza Dushku", "Eliza Dushku to star in 'Torchwood' online animated series", "All-New Reboot of THE SAINT Arrives on Digital HD/VOD on Today", "Eliza Dushku Joins CBS' 'Bull' With Option to Become Series Regular in Season 2", "Eliza Dushku in Albania -", "Eliza Dushku në Tiranë, promovon vlerat turistike të Shqipërisë", "Eliza Dushku To Star In 'The Black Company' Series Adaptation In Works By IM Global & David Goyer", "Eliza Dushku of 'Buffy,' 'Dollhouse' shares Comic Con stage with mom", "Eliza Dushku leaves LA and moves back home", "Dear Albania: Eliza Dushku discusses Immigration, Bernie Sanders, and Homelessness", "The Interview: Actress and Producer Eliza Dushku", "Eliza Dushku Confirms She's Dating Rick Fox", "Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox Love Living Together", "Eliza Dushku marries Peter Palandjian in Boston: Photos", "Eliza Dushku Is Pregnant: 'We're Just Very Excited, "Eliza Dushku and Husband Peter Palandjian Welcome Son Philip: 'Can You Feel the Love, "Dushku honored at Global Generation Awards - The Boston Globe", "Eliza Dushku me Bashen ambasadore e Tiranes", "Basha: Eliza Dushku, ambasadore nderi e Tiranës në botë",, "Eliza Dushku claims True Lies crew member sexually assaulted her aged 12", "Behind CBS's Secret $9.5 Million Settlement With the Actress Eliza Dushku", "Eliza Dushku: I worked at CBS. [25] The Alphabet Killer contains Dushku's first topless scene. Feb 13, 2014 - Explore Audrey Harte's board "eliza Dushku", followed by 210 people on Pinterest. Variety announced on August 2, 2006, that Dushku would co-star with Macaulay Culkin in Sex and Breakfast, a dark comedy written and directed by Miles Brandman. Faith rehúsa el ofrecimiento y los dos luchan. El encuentro de Faith con la Scooby Gang no es muy bueno y nadie parece contento con su llegada. It's so creepy. Sarah is een Amerikaanse actrice, ze werd voor haar hoofdrol in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' genomineerd voor een Golden Globe. In 1993, Dushku landed a role as Pearl, alongside Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, in the drama film This Boy's Life. [33] She also guest-starred in an episode of CBS' comedy The Big Bang Theory[34] [5] She followed that up with Soul Survivors,[5] reuniting her with Race the Sun co-star Casey Affleck. [67] Kramer has denied the accusation of sexual misconduct. Asimismo, prepara su huida del país. The following year, she played the teenage daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis in the action spy film True Lies.[15]. 194 Me gusta. In December 2018, when the settlement was reported, Weatherly publicly apologized for the comments. Dushku planned to attend Suffolk University in Boston, where her mother taught,[12][17] but her agent asked her to submit a videotape audition for a show starring another of his clients, Sarah Michelle Gellar. En el cuerpo de Buffy, Faith coquetea con Spike y se acuesta con Riley Finn, el novio de Buffy. In an interview with Maxim in May 2001, Dushku says of her roles, "It's easy to play a bad girl: You just do everything you've been told not to do, and you don't have to deal with the consequences, because it's only acting."[19]. She was chosen in a five-month search for the lead role of Alice in the 1992 romantic drama film That Night. Giles corre a la biblioteca, también Duncan, pero finalmente Faith logra volver en si y matar al monstruo, no antes de que este mate a Duncan. Under the pact, the network and the studio would develop projects tailor-made for the actress as well as approach her with existing pitches and scripts. Eliza Patricia Dushku (/ˈdʊʃkuː/;[1] born December 30, 1980)[2] is an American actress and producer. En el capítulo en el que se descubre la traición de Faith a la pandilla, Faith besa a Buffy en la frente, aunque la idea original era que la besase en los labios. 3x03 Fe, esperanza y engaños (Faith, Hope and Trick), 3x04 La bella y las bestias (Beauty and the Beasts), 3x21 El día de la graduación (I) (Graduation Day, I), 3x22 El día de la graduación (II) (Graduation Day, II), 4x15 La chica de este año (This year’s girl),, Wikipedia:Artículos con enlaces externos rotos, Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 3.0, Scooby gang, contratada por Wolfram & Hart y aliada del Alcalde Richard Wilkins III. Faith/Buffy.) Repentant and rededicated, Faith returned as a heroine in other episodes of Angel and in the last five episodes of Buffy. Kendra possessed more textbook knowledge about slaying than Buffy. Faith is walking through the crooked streets of a dimly lit city in Italy with Buffy Summers by her side and neither of them are bleeding or dying or trying to kill each other, and that’s pretty much all she could ever have wanted from life.