Accédez gratuitement sur cette page au carnet des décès à Dorlisheim. Dorlisheim. Coat of arms. The road into Dorlisheim. Node Dorlisheim (26697865) as admin_centre Way 124723379 as outer Way 30903254 as outer Way 30924498 as outer Way 30924497 as outer Way 30923373 as outer Way 30923375 as outer Way 76856611 as outer Way 76856606 as outer Way 30901761 as outer The Dorlisheim surface is 11.53 km ². - Tous les codes postaux des communes de France Le code postal de Dorlisheim est 67120. Vous pouvez affiner votre recherche ou trouver un avis de décès ou un avis d'obsèques plus ancien en tapant le nom d'un défunt et/ou le nom ou le code postal d'une commune proche de Dorlisheim dans le … Code postal de Dorlisheim . Location of Dorlisheim. Previously NNNN which is the minimum requirement as of 2006, but ANNNNAAA is not mandatory. Postal Code Generator: this postal code generator can generate postal codes for UK and Canada, postal codes, commonly referred to as zipcode in the United States, 5 digits for zip codes in the United States, and uppercase letters and numbers for UK and Canada. The latitude and longitude of Dorlisheim are 48.523 degrees North and 7.488 degrees East. Alsace Dorlisheim appartient au département du Bas-Rhin (dont le chef-lieu est Strasbourg) Insee Wikipedia . Pour chercher les informations sur une autre commune de France. Commune. Dorlisheim est situé dans le département Bas-Rhin (67). Dorlisheim est une commune du département Bas-Rhin et de la région Alsace. Informations. Codigo Postal Argentino (CPA), where the first A is the province code as in ISO 3166-2:AR, the four numbers are the old postal codes, the three last letters indicate a side of the block. Dorlisheim Code (INSEE) 67101: Dorlisheim Post code: 67120: Dorlisheim Mayor: Mr. Gilbert ROTH: Dorlisheim Contact info. The area code for Dorlisheim is 67101 (also known as code INSEE), and the Dorlisheim zip code is 67120. Here are all the details of Dorlisheim available below. Autre ville ? Want to contact the Administration of Dorlisheim? Dorlisheim ... INSEE/Postal code: 67101 /67120. Dorelse. Code postal. Dorlisheim. Dorlisheim is a commune in the Bas-Rhin department in Grand Est in north-eastern France. Code postal - Tous les codes postaux de France métropolitaine et DOM-TOM - Vues satellites de plus de 35.000 communes Cities by ZIP Code™ For more rapid delivery, please use the recommended or recognized city names whenever possible for this ZIP Code ™. Elevation: 172–373 m (564–1,224 ft) Geography and map of Dorlisheim: The altitude of the city hall of Dorlisheim is approximately 180 meters. We have collected more than 120,000 Canadian postal codes and more than 530,000 UK postal codes, all of which are real and in use.